Apex Herald

The following story was published in the Business Review section of the local newspaper The Apex Herald:

Owned and operated by Shilpa A. Bhalodia, a graduate of Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy . Chandni’s Spa & Salon provides a friendly and intimate atmosphere for clients. The staff of creative professionals specialize in total makeovers and pampering from head to toe.

Featured in medical journals and popular magazines like Vogue and Allure, microdermabrasion is a simple non-surgical procedure that can improve skin by removing fine lines, wrinkles and bacteria that causes acne. Chandni’s Spa & Salon also specializes in revitalizing facial, which are essential for your skin to maintain its youthful look. Hair cutting, styling, and coloring are also expertly performed by these professionals.

They extend their expertise to body waxing, relaxing body massages and feature the artistic way of shaping eyebrows using the threading technique. Excellent service and fine work are practiced here with care.